If you haven’t heard of #dinovember, check out this awesome blog article by Refe Tuma.

The short version is this: Refe and his wife would wait til their kids were in bed, and then set up these extremely elaborate scenarios with their kids’ plastic dinosaurs, as if the dinosaurs had come to life and gotten into all kinds of adventures around the house. They would photo the scenes, but also leave them intact so that when the kids woke up, they could “catch” the dinosaurs in the act. Hilarious, and so creative!

My friends Sue and Erika saw this article and immediately brought it to my attention – because I’m always posing my kid’s plastic toys in ridiculous situations and taking pictures of them and posting them on Facebook.

The big difference is that many times the scenarios I capture are not appropriate for toddlers, they’re for grown ups.

My pictures are meant to give my grown-up friends a chuckle, and while many times are entirely innocent, sometimes have a bit of an edge to them… like my take on #dinovember.

I assure you, while my toddlers know that *something* is up (I keep taking their dinosaurs into other rooms and muttering to myself about lighting) they are not confronted by the images or the issues I’m presenting here. Please don’t call DSS on me : )

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